Proper Oral Hygiene

Do you get dental exams and cleanings regularly in hopes of keeping your teeth? 

Well, it's important to realize that YOU play a vital role in keeping your mouth healthy at home.

IMPORTANT: The most important time to floss and brush is at night. During the day, we produce saliva which acts to neutralize the acid that bacteria makes. At night, this acid has more of an opportunity to cause damage, so it is important to make any effort to combat this. Begin by flossing thoroughly, then use a water flosser to flush out any loosened plaque and finally brush your teeth and tongue with a soft bristled tooth brush. 

Flossing: Everyone should floss once a day, specifically at night. When flossing, your fingers should be very close to the tooth you're flossing, allowing the floss to form a "C" shape as it hugs the side of the tooth. Be sure the floss slides gently below the gums. Practice in front of the mirror so you can verify you're flossing properly.

Brushing: Everyone should brush their teeth 2 times a day for 2 full minutes. Be sure to allow the brush head to do the work, using very little pressure. Also, be sure to angle the brush head at a 45 degree angle to the gums.

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